How do you use this platform?

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How do I find volunteer work that suits me?

How nice that you want to make a difference. You can read below how that works on this platform.

🔎 Find something

On this platform you will find an overview of all the things with which you can make a difference. All easily collected in one overview.

With the filters you can easily find something that suits you:

  • Where : enter your zip code, neighbourhood, district, place of residence or municipality where you want to do something. With a zip code you can also use a radius: how far you want to search from that zip code.
  • Search yourself: enter a keyword, such as 'dog' or 'Food bank' and quickly find everything that contains the keyword.
  • What do you want to do: choose the categories that appeal to you
  • In which area: choose the impact area or sector in which you want to contribute
  • When or how often: use the calendar to search by date, or check how often you want to bet
  • For whom: do you want to work for an individual or organization, or perhaps for a specific target group such as young people or the elderly?
  • Specials: here you will find specials such as wheelchair accessibility, the possibility to volunteer with a group if you need extra guidance, or do-good things where the language you speak does not play a role.

Have you found something that suits you? Create an account and send a message!

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📢 Offer something

By placing the offer of help you indicate where your interests lie. For example, you can indicate how often and with what you want to help someone.

You will then appear in the offer overview and others can send you a message. Handy, because then you don't have to search yourself, you will simply be found!

✨Recommended for you

On this platform we match anyone who needs something to anyone who wants to do something. We do this with e-matching . Based on your location and interests, among other things.

You will receive your matches via a weekly email (if you have opted in). Or you can find your matches via the My environment under 'Recommended for me'.

💡 Need inspiration? Do the test

Do you want to do something good but don't know what suits you? Not crazy because there is so much fun you can do! We have made a test for you to help you choose.

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