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What are the options in your municipality?

“Participation is not a capacity problem but a distribution challenge that can be tackled with an online marketplace.”

NLvoorelkaar's online marketplaces help you as a municipality to achieve your policy objectives. Our marketplaces stimulate self-reliance, self-management and active participation of residents. With NLvoorelkaar you are investing in an existing facility that all your residents can use. You avoid fragmentation by offering all your (volunteer) organizations one common platform where they can come into contact with volunteers. You lower the barriers for residents to come into contact with each other for a helping hand. You create one local online access for all voluntary efforts and neighborly help. This increases the efficiency and effectiveness of voluntary commitment. In short: a greater chance for residents to live independently at home longer with the help of a social network!

In summary, NLvoorelkaar offers your municipality the following solution:

  • You activate new target groups of volunteers in your municipality. Much needed in view of the needs of our participatory society;
  • You offer residents with a request for help low-threshold and reliable access to a social network of volunteers. In this way you invest in their self-reliance ;
  • You organize all voluntary efforts and neighborly assistance via one central online platform . In this way you avoid fragmentation and you offer all (volunteer) organizations a very advanced and user-friendly recruitment tool;
  • Thanks to NLvoorelkaar , many more residents can find each other and you reduce the pressure on paid facilities .

Dozens of municipalities have already preceded you and they are achieving great results with NLvoorelkaar. Would you like to know more about our added value for your municipality? More information? Check out our business website and contact us!

Here's what our local marketplaces look like:

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